29 yrs old male, presented with chest pain and left chest swelling. Vitaly stable. SPO2 94 % Diagnosis?



There is a mass in Lt mid zone of lung. Trachea is deviated to rt side. Mass is extended to pheriphery .Lt dome of diaphragm is elevated.It may be due to phrenic nerve compression .The mass may be lymphoma or pleural tumor. AORTIC aneurism is not a possibility in this case. CT IS required to differentiate the location of tumor. Biopsy is required to know exactly.

Aneurysm discending thoracic Aorta.

Mediastinal mass in young patient, lymphoma or germ cell tumour has to be ruled out .also Phrenic nerve palsy due to mass suggested by elevated lt dome of diaphragm

Copd Lt diaphragmatic hernai Probably Lt midzone lesion Hrct must

Although the trachea and mediastinum are pushed to right but left dome of diaphragm is pulled up may be partial collapse due to the mass of left lung. Needs CT for further information.

Left lung mass c mediastinum & trachea shift ?? Aortic aneurysm?? CECT to exclude

Space occupying tumor almost whole of left hemithorax: thymoma, Teratoma,dermoids, aneurysm, lymphoma etc

Trachea shifted to rt side Left upper and mid zone mass Medistinal shadow is widened

I agree with Dr S Tripathy

Left lobe of lung has been obliterated ,secondly chest pain Due to ishaemia or muscular cannot interpret should go 4 other tests related to lungs reason 4 lungs lft lobereason to be evaluated whether chronic smoker or any accidental issue Or abscence of left upper lobe since childhood all dis points may help i diagnosing.

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