Left Groin tumor

Man 33 yo, detected left groin having a mass slow growth for 1 year, no pain. Ultrasound images attached. Plz, suggest the Dx and Rx for the same.

Gradually increasing swelling lt thigh D/d lipoma Cystic lesion
Thanx dr Vipin Bihari Jain
Lt groin having a mass gradually increasing in size for last 1 year . USG finding an hypoechieic swelling. First look for testes is in normal position or not. I think the young man was having undescended testes lt side which should have gone for treatment much earlier either orchidopexy or orchidectomy. now for the last 1 year it is under going malignant change ? Seminoma testes during that period and swelling gradually increasing. CT guided biopsy to confirm CT scan of inguinal region and chest and abdomen for clinical evaluation. Further treatment will depend on report
Heterogeneous, cystic solid mass, groin ? Abscess , ? Soft tissue sarcoma ? Underlying bone pathology ,? OM, malignancy Suggest MRI, FNAC, biopsy
Lipoma papilloma or hernia Size and photo not specific