Coronavirus update! COVID-19!

Hy all, I've some important piece of information to share! In our medical literature, it's clearly mentioned that isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol are not effective against viruses..... Rather daily soaps and detergents are!!! Soaps contain surface active agents and quartenary ammonium compounds which when comes in contact with the hands forms micelle(as we all know). This micelle interacts with the glycoprotein on layer of virus and causes lysis of it. Sanitisers contain a large amount of alcohol and the companies claim to kill viruses. And the people who weren't able to buy are waiting for them to be in market, so kindly spread the info that no need to wait for sanitisers as they have no effect on viruses. Rather soaps and detergents have.. Kindly share it among people and spread it that alcohols don't kill virus.... rather the soaps do... Thank You all. -Dr. Chinmay



Sharing is caring thank you doctor
Exactly right

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