Bilateral Blurred vision

A 39 y/o male presented with a 1-week history of blurred vision in both eyes. The visual acuity was 6/36 in the right and 6/60 in the left eye. His refraction was low hyperopia (OD +3.75, OS +4.00). Fundus examination showed bilateral total exudative retinal detachment. Please help in the case.

Drug history should be thoroughly evaluated.Corticosteroid usage has been associated with central serous choroidoretinopathy, which can cause serous retinal detachments. Systemic examination like renal,cvs should be evaluated.
Dr. Ashish Rastogi Dr. M. Jayaprakash Dr. E Ahmed please reply
For exudative retinal detachment drainage with or without vitrectomy is indicated
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Rule out VKH TB