29M C/o cough with copious blood tinged sputum since 1 week. Old TB 3yr back. Dx the CXR



CXR..reveals fibrosis as well as cosolidation of whole left lung. Sputum afb negative but CXR suggest TB so start Amoxycillin for 7 days if symptoms resolves or condition improves pneumonia is likely otherwise start AKT CAT2 as Relapse case of smear negative TB. Also rule out HIV as Smear negative TB common in HIV pts.

Destroyed lung left.. With markedly shifting of cardiac shadow same side. Diaphragm is also pulled up. There is high possibility of post tubercular bronchiectasis with secondary infection leading to copious blood tinged sputum.. CT SCAN of thorax will give you a final answer

sir sputum Afb negative.. what could be the diagnosis??

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As this pt is a case of old TB having Lt. destroyed lung needs evaluation for reactivation of TB .Do CBNAAT . and give symptomatic treatment as haemoptysis can occur in sequel's of TB also or rule out reactivation of TB.

left hemithorax shows inhomogenous radio opacity s/o infectious etiology.either reactivated kochs or secondary infection in d fibrotic bronchectesis changes of kochs. with pleural effusion on left ..

If sputum is negative.. With x-ray only.. No help of Ct diagnosis rest between Post tubercular bronchiectasis or lung abcess

To add send sputum for AFB smear and bactec culture and gene Xpert..To rule out any reactivation of tb

Destroyed left lung / collapse with compensatory emphysema of rt lung

Opaque left hemithorax s/o collapse consolidation left lung cause?

Left lung fibrosis with traction bronchiectasis..

Left destroyed lung with old PTB

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