New Case 55 yr old , M, working as a mason in Saudi- Arabia, k nown hypertensive on Amlodipine & Captopril ,developed head ache , body pain & general weakness developed on 9th october.Head ache was mild & diffuse on 9th. The next day developed moderatly severe diffuse head ache with out any vomiting / vertigo.The same day evening developed mild unsteadiness& hence admitted & treated at S Arabia.He attended our hospital on 21st. On exam BP 150/ 80mmhg. Lt horners syndrome. motor system gr5/5 power. DTRs equal.Dulling ofsensation rt half of the body. WHAT IS THE DIAGNOSIS?

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Lt thalamus ICH c older rt periventricular infarct c rt hemianaesthesia. Can't figure out why there should be Horner syndrome, ? anything abnormal in the vertebral arteries.
Thank you doctor.
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Left thalamic bleed?
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