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Fecal impaction

Spotter. A 14 years old girl presented with history of vague abdominal complaints. Xray KUB


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It is a case of impacted fecal matter in left side Colon n rectum.
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Desending colon shows multiple large sized radiopaque shadows. These can be 1.With history of Pica or psychiatric disorder ingested pebbles. 2.Impacted faecoliths with calcification with history of constipation 3.A rare possibility of a mega ureter with multiple stones and also a large bladder calculus
Faecolithis. Absence of inflammation in the appendix was deemed a negative appendicectomy. Perforation was defined as perforation of the appendix demonstrated on histopathology. Faecoliths (synonyms: appendicoliths, coproliths, stercoliths) were defined as faecal concretions or pellets.
X ray shows loaded colon There are radioopaque shadows in the region of left descending colon, sigmoid colon and rectum They are suggestive of retained dye of Barium study of Colon or very rarely fecolith
Descending colon loaded with fecoliths Ad enema
X rays shows. Radiopaque substances And mostly it may be fecolith and also even renal calculi
Calcified fecoliths in descending colon May need surgical intervention
It is a case of impacted fecal matter in left side Colon n rectum.
Fecolith. Please get an usg done and may need urgent surgical help
Left descending colon shows radioopaqu e shadows.D/d fecolith.
Facolith with calculi do usg or ivp
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