Young boy with altered sensorium and progressive right hemiparesis from 15 days. Kindly opine on MRI n management. @Dr. Sonal Jain

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High grade highly cellular diffuse pontine glioma..cud hv said lymphoma for d diffusion restriction..or an intermediate grade considerin no contrast enhancement with malignant foci as spectro shows choline peak.wud not keep abscess as dd.
Thank you all for the inputs.. Pontine glioma is most likely diagnosis. Referred for radiotherapy.
seems to be brain stem glioma. Biopsy can be taken for diagnosis and further management.
Diffuse pontine glioma. CT guided biopsy followed by Radiotherapy
Diffuse Pontine Glioma. Radiotherapy is treatment.
Brain stem lesion intrinsic gloom
Pontine glioma , needs surgery
What surgery for DIPG??
Intrinsic brain stem glioma..
Brain stem glioma
@brainstem glioma
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