Effective non-invasive medicine for dental pain and swelling.


Acute periapical abscess. Cap Augmentin 625mg Tid, cap metrogyl 400mg Tid, zerodol sp BD. If infection has progressed to space infection prefrebally IV line would be better if there is delay in commencement of dental procedure (access opening /extraction) due to corona breakout Inj augumentin 1.2gm twice daily , Inj metrogyl 100ml twice daily, Inj pan 40mg twice daily, Tab zerodol so thrice daily.
Apical periodontitis with space infection... extraction under antibiotic coverage keeping in mind the COVID situation, refer to an endodontist.
space infection antibiotics analgesics warm saline rinse extraction or rct of d offending tooth as soon as d symptoms subside
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Tab- moxikind CV 625 BD Tab-metronidazole 400 tds Tab-Zerodol-sp 1bd Cap-omez-D 1OD For 3days Warm saline rinses 2-3times a day
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Augmentin 625mg TDS Metronidazole 400mg TDS Zerodol sp bid Cap. Vizylac bid pc * 5 days Refer to the dentist asap

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Tab Zerodol SP twice daily for 5 days
Good, but what about antibiotics
please do corelate with opg x ray
Antibiotic like Clindamycin 150 mg four Times a day with Analgesic like Zerodol TH 8 BD (if pain severe) & With Deoccluding the tooth in opposite arch corresponding to a grossly decayed in mandibular region to get relief promptly but this can be better assesed &treated by having a Digital OPG