67 year old with a past history of treated pulmonary tuberculosis presenting with dyspnoea. please help in diagnosis and rx?

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Old healed kochs with fibrosis, emphysema, left side pneumothorax (less than one third of hemithorax need not to be tapped, unless pt is very much dysponec )
Right upper zone volume loss,bronchiectasis changes,with old healed kochs lesions with calcification,with copd changes with patchy opacities on rt mid zone...
Right upper zone fibrosis with fibrocavitary lesions with bronchiectacic changes
Fibrocavitary lesion may be due to reactivation. Do sputum AFB, CBNAAT.
Old pulm. Tb. with emphysema.Traet with in the lines of COPD.(dt: 8/1/17).
Bilateral pneumothorax
Pneumothorax (Lt) ?
Bilateral Nodular Shadows Upper zones with fibrosis R UL and Compensatory Emphysema . Apparently Healed lesions.Suggested Sputum AFB . Dyspnea is due To COPD.Suggested Nebulization and Antibiotics if sputum is yellow or green. Steroids may be needed if SpO2 id s. Low.
Multiple calcified spots L UZ with non homogenous opacity R uz TB with sequelae with tubular heart routine inv to assess TB activity, Spirometry to confirm Restrictive pattern/, Assesment of cardiac. Status Symptomatic treatment pending treatment results
Old healed PTB, developed emphysema leading to dyspnea , patient required pulmonary function tests to see lung capacity ,treat with nebulization with duolin tds required lung physiotherapy. Due to age lung capacity is diminished too.
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