Tinea or psoriasis

2episode of this type of lesions.itching+present only at waist area , previously used itraconazole 200mg for 15days ,and eberconazole 1% cream. Wat are the Treatment options for this recurrent T.cruris??



Obviously white silvery scaling lesions are suggestive of psoriasis vulgaris i don't think it is tenia which can be confirm by koh staining or scrapping Rx tacrolimus 0.03%oint twice daily Lobate-s oint twice daily Tab Levocetrizine5mg 1bd Tab dispred4mg 1tds Tab methotrexate 10mg weekly Review every fortnightly

Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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Psoriasis. it’s an autoimmune disorder. This means that the body’s natural defense system attacks healthy cells. In psoriasis, the immune system targets the skin, which results in a rapid growth of skin cells. This causes the redness and flaky skin typical of psoriasis. Mild steroid cream. Psoriasis shampoo. Moisturizer.

Looks to me a case of Plaque Psoriasis!! It is not uncommon to have psoriatic plaques in areas where clothes are tight, causing friction to the skin. Koebner phenomenon is what i am addressing to.

Tinea infection.. Psorasis lesions.. Management.. Tab levocetirizine 5 mg BD Tab Azithromycin 250 mg od Tab multivitamin antioxidants trace elements omaga 3 grapes extract green tea extract gingo tree extract, grapes extract.. capsule Synory.. od after meals in the morning... Moisture lotion use.. Calamine lotion use.. Mupricion ointment cream use at bed time.. Ketoconazole shampoo use.. Bath keto soap.. Coconut oil use.. Alovera gel uses.. Keep the skin area sterile gauges..


Tnxs a lot sir

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Tinea infection Multifungin oint locally Tab gresiofulvin FP 2 bd for 6 weeks Tab Levocet bd

It's psoriasis

Anti fungal keep dry

Appears psoriasis > Tinea. Do 10% Koh to rule out tinea

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