How to continue with this case?

73 y/o/m came for continuation of his treatment which was going on somewhere else. he had front six teeth crowned due to an accident he sustained while riding his bike. Radiographically, the first thing noticed was the tabletopped occlusal surfaces. Clinically, the same was evident, along with generalized wear facets on the posterior teeth. The bite was deep, and the lower anterior teeth had been worn down to half their original size. There were new ceramic crowns on nos. 21, 28, and 29. There was an occlusal stop on no. 13, but there was no significant effect on his occlusion as it was even on the right and left sides. How this patient should be managed?

Rct wrt 33,24,25 followed by crown Rx protocol of remaining teeth depends on intensity of sensitivity /pain preferably intentional Rct wrt 32-42 would be better owing to the amount of attrition supraadded with deep bite.

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