2months old male 3.6 kg..no history of fever..or rashes on other part. Dx &Further mangement?

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Irritant dermatitis....use zinc oxide with mupirocin as there is ulcer secondary to it... Kèep area dry... Review after 5 days.. Sos oral antibiotic for ulcer

Candidal Dematitis associated with diaper with secondary infection. Oral antibiotics and topical clotrimazole cream and antifungal dusting powder

Sir why it is not on other half

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Diaper dermatitis with candidiasis. Lack of personal hygiene of the private parts of the baby is the main cause.

Fungal wid secondary bacterial

Candidial diaper dermatitis

Topical clotrimazole

Likely herpes zooster

main ulcerative lesion surronded by multiple small satellite lesions s/o dermatitis with secondary fungal infection

Haemangioma having ulcerated . General wound care , avoid soiling with urine and faeces .

Candida diaper dermatitis. Maintain hygeinic conditions and apply topical clotrimazole.

Candidiasis with secondary infection . Cotromazole cream and oral antibiotic .

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