3 months mch having h/o, cough & fever since 2 days. came with severe respiratory distress. RR- 120/min. HR- 160 Beats/min. SPO2--85%. CBC--WBC- 11100, Hb-- 9.3, N- 69, L-26, ESR--42. h/o hospitalisation for pneumonia before 15 days. details not available.



rt Uz resoving pneumonitis with acute urti with ? abdominal pathology ? electrolyte abnormality , threre is anaemia with > esr koch's pnemonitis shoulod r/0 . now swine flu ? test should be done . since last two days so acute viral urti should consider. there is 11100 wbc count might be due to resolving pneumonitis.

lungs are apppears more oligemic with right ventricle enlargement -ruled out cynotic heart disease. e/o rt ul seg focal pneumonitis

Patch in right upper lobe . Since second pneumonia please later check for GER disease for recurrent aspiration

cong heartdisease VSD

aspiration pneumonia ..

Rt upper zone consolidation and rt parahilar patchy consolidation suggestive of pneumonia

most probably aspiration pneumonia and HR IS more than resp rate so rule out viral myocarditis

rt sided consolidation.possibility of chd due to rt ventricular heart enlargement.as for the dilated bowel loops r/o paralytic illeus or pertonitis.

intestinal obstruction????

there is no abdominal distenssion. he passes stool without visible blood.

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