3 yr girl...white spot on left eye by birth... no vision impairment...



Leucocoria. dds.cud b congenital cataract, retinoblastoma, phpv,metabolic d's.bscan to rule out posterior segment pathology. ct n MRI also.stimulus deprivation amblyopia mst cmn.so surgical intervention s necessary.

DD is 1 Retinoblastoma 2 Congenital cataract

Congenital cataract

Congenital cataract do B -scan for post segment status

is it congenital. can seen in uveitis persistent primary hyperplastic vitreous Retinoblastoma coats disease(exudative retinopathy) coloboma congenital cataract it can also be a hereditary. Toxocara canis please consult an ophthalmologist if you notice any color change in cornea/pupil. sir please get one head CT/MRI done to rule out RETINOBLASTOMA.


Congenital cataract.

Congenital cataract

Congenital cat rule out retinoblastoma

congenital cataract.

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