3 yrs old baby girl suffering from Severe itching, watery discharge comes out, some are pus filled,..since 15 days Rx taken...syp.moxiclav, ivermectin syrup, permethrin lotion ,lindane lotion , syp.levoct,.syp.atarx, syp. Prednisolone Syp.A to z multivitamin But no result Dx n Rx plx



Scabies with secondary impetiginization

Scabies with secondary infection, please don’t overtreat , he is just 3 years.

It's a case of Infected scabies It is surprising that you have treated her with Permethrin lotion but it is still persistent It is probably because of incomplete and improper application of permethrin lotion. Permethrin lotion needs to be applied to entire body, and kept overnight. If some body part it is not applied, then scabies mite will persist and remain, after sometime it will reinfect normal area Sometimes few members in family also may have scabies, they may reinfect the child with scabies, this is called as ping pong infection which keeps on recurring again and again Adv Oral Antibiotic Proper application of permethrin lotion to all members of family to whole body and to be kept overnight. All cloths to be washed in warm water in morning


Scabies With secondary infection Antibiotics orally Permethrin oint + TBact oint all over the body below neck rpt after one week Syp Allegra 1 tsf bd


Yes this is scabies with secondary infection With same treatment, clothes should be cleaned with warm water and pressed .family members should be treated with.

Thanks Dr.Dinesh Gupta ,Dr.Kute Ankush, Dr. Amitabh Dasgupta

Infected scabies... Atarax syrup. Syrup cefixime. Permethrin lotion 5 ‰. Syrup Zincovit 1 tsf BDPC. Take Plenty of fruit and vegetables. Take Plenty of lime water..

It is scabies Proper application of permithrine oint 5%30gm to be applied allover body at a time and parents to be treated simultaneously Azithromycin suspension Atarax syp Bath with tetmasol soap Keep follow up and repeat after one week

Thanx dr Mohammed Anas PP

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Tnx Dr Vipin Bihari Jain sir

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Infected scabies Dermatitis? Pustular Scabies Dermatitis?

Thanks doctor Dinesh Gupta

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