30/f having no other symptoms. Presented with this yellow tongue. There is no pain or bleeding. History of gastric bypass 1 year ago. What could be the diagnosis



It may be Candidiasis/ Oral Thrush that turned yellow. Patient must be on antibiotics for some time due to her medical condition that gave rise to opportunistic secondary infection.

yellow tongue is usually considered as early sign of Hairy tongue if patient has no any underlying urinary/gastric problem . bacterial growth on papilla lead to such pigmentation !!

dead skin pigmentation/bacterial growth on pappilae results in yellow shedding/ jaundice


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hv u followed the case and seen this discoloration in any other visit as well .....if yes then i wud lykk to see the rendition as well to check the overall hygeine....moreover is thr any specific symptom lykk pain or burning sensation...if yes wether it z scrappable or not...

read dentition for rendition

can bacterial growth pigmentation lead to yellow discolouration????

dead skin pigmenration lead to bacterual growt on pappilae dat lead to yellow discolouration n mouth breathing m dry mouth ,tobbaco chewing also can cause yellow colour

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Advised lactobacilli& Vitamin B-12.

Yellow tongue d/d- Uremia, Acute liver disease. Advice serum creatinine, bilirubin, bilivirdin, liver profile.

Hairy tongue Iral candidiasis

it could either be an early symptom of hairy tongue . infection most likely stained candidiasis or acid reflux... most probably maintainence of oral hygiene and dietary modifications could help apart from medication.

It looks like thrush to me may be after gastric bypass patient has been on prolong use of antibiotics, henceforth thrush could occur. U try scraping it of and see below if it's erythematous or what is it.

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