30/f presented with gallbladder problem. Stone size was 8mm a couple of months back and now it has become multi stone. help in diagnosis and in the management.



GIVE DETAIL HISTORY* Pretty large may need surgery... What about LFT LIPIDS Hbs Ag MRCP ENZ....Give Thuja with LSM 2M....Others Berb cynora Ol-J kalmegh LYCO Tarax Ful Pemus B

Calc carb-30 thrice a day. Berberis vul Q twenty drops thrice a day with hot water after meals Cardus Mar Q ten drops twice a before meal

@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. Berberis vulgaris and Cardus Q may be helpful.

You have not given any symptoms. Asymptomatic gall bladder stones can be left alone. Normal gall bladder wall thickness indicates that there is no Cholecystitis. No surgery is indicated at this stage. Nutritional status and body weight is important in non alcoholic fatty liver. Is there any h/o hepatitis? Consider doing an ovulation study and r/o PCOD. Take complete homoeopathic history and state her present complaints for any further help.

Give chelidonium

My suggestion is cholecystectomy is highly needed without taking any risk

Sir. According to u why surgery is required to this pt.Why can't we try our treatment ?

Cholicystectomy is needed

Sir cbd is not involved .calculi appearsto b in the gall bladder even though multiple . pt is asyptomatic . so should b left witjout any treatment Give arogyavardhini .1bd . avipattikar churn 1/2 tsf bd before meals .

Berberis vul Q

Give constitutional medicine ...

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