30/f presented with gallbladder problem. Stone size was 8mm a couple of months back and now it has become multi stone. help in diagnosis and in the management.



Calc carb-30 thrice a day. Berberis vul Q twenty drops thrice a day with hot water after meals Cardus Mar Q ten drops twice a before meal


As an Electro Homeopathic specialist I would like to suggest to give the patient scrofoloso 2. Febrifugo 1 and yellow electalin to be taken 6 times in a day all med should be in d6

China 30 od morning Nuxvomica 30 od at night & Berberis vulgaris 30 tds for one month

Cholicystectomy is needed

GIVE DETAIL HISTORY* Pretty large may need surgery... What about LFT LIPIDS Hbs Ag MRCP ENZ....Give Thuja with LSM 2M....Others Berb cynora Ol-J kalmegh LYCO Tarax Ful Pemus B

@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. Berberis vulgaris and Cardus Q may be helpful.

Give chelidonium

China 3x Chelidonium 3x Cardus mar 3x Berberis v 2x

My suggestion is cholecystectomy is highly needed without taking any risk

Sir. According to u why surgery is required to this pt.Why can't we try our treatment ?
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