30 year old male, 10 day history of diarrhoea and reduced oral intake, presented with lethargy and ongoing abdominal cramps. No respiratory symptoms, but O2 sats noted to be on the lower side, exertional O2 sats dropped to 86%. No past medical history of note, normal white cell count, not lymphopenic, urea 18.9 mmol/L, creatinine: 489 µmol/L, amylase 600 (30-118), ALT: 65, CRP: 100, Trop I 267 (0-46). Chest X-ray as shown. What do you think the patient is suffered from?



Cardiomegaly Emphysema ARDS

Cardiomegaly Rest. X Ray normal

Myocardial ischemia. Pancreatitis. CRF. Pmemonitis

Pancreatitis , myocarditis with pneumonitis Adv Viral markers

Can Emphysema Cardiomegaly B/L middle & lower lobe pneumonitis Ground glass appearance Rt side collapse consolidation lower zone paracardic region ARDS ? COVID infection

Butterfly reticular enhaned BV mark due to fluid overload with electrolyte imbalance CNS changes

Rt paracardiac lobulated opacity seen. Kerleys line seen. Rt middle lobar atelectasis/ consolidation/ myocarditis. Adv Echo CD and CT thorax.

AGE with pancreatitis with MI D/d atypical presentation of Covid 19

Cardiomegaly Rt paracardiac border hazziness Chest xray is presenting ground glass appearance Rt trachea pulled to rt Lab investigations are raised amylase and creatinine crp deranged Lfts enzyme Trop i +ve sp02 86% This picture suggest myocarditis with pancreatitis Likely complications of covid19 infection

Thanx dr Sandeep S

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Cardiomegaly dd mass inrt lower base hrct 2 decho trop i positive myocardial infarction with heart failure pancreatitis

Probably covid19

Rt parAhilar shdow present

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