30 year old woman presented with a painless 12x10 cms. breast mass

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The stromal component is infiltrating into surrounding fat and is not pushing. Higher chances of recurrance.


Biphasic/ Mixed, Fibroepithelial lesion of breast, intracanalicular type with mild nuclear pleomorphism along with areas showing infiltration into adipose tissue. Low grade, large size, infiltrating margins, no heterologous elements - Phylloides tumor

Benign phyllodes tumor.fat presentation can be normally seen in it.

Benign phyloides tumor with adipose metaplasia

? Reccurent low grade malignant phyloid tumour

Phyllodes benign with lipomatous metaplasia

Phylloid tumor of low malignant potential.

Benign phyllodes tumour of breast

Fibroepithelial lesion breast

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