### 30 years old lady presents with such lesions over the mucous membranes of lips in and off and for which she took Kenacort Gel (Triamcinolone) OTC but didn't improve. Diagnosis and treatment ???


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Recurrent Minor Apthous Stomatitis

Thanks Dr Shofique for tagging me. It is a case of recurrent minor Aphthous stomatitis. As exact cause is not known recurrence is difficult to prevent . It is a T - cell mediated immune response triggered by a variety of factor like - Nutritional deficiencies - local trauma - stress - Hormonal influences - Allergies - Genetic predisposition In many patients a family history is known. Association with SLE and IBD is known . Treatment- Mainstay of treatment is topical analgesics, anaesthetics and antiinflammatories. Benzydamine mouth washes and spray are effective. Silver nitrate cauterisation can be tried in resistant cases. Topical metrogyl gel is also used Oral folic acid and other zinc conaining B- complex vitamins are helpful. Oral ornidazole 500 mg B.D for 3 days help in treating secondary anaerobic infections

Apthous ulcer Most probably due to stress.. Advice chlorhexidine mouth rinse and topical corticosteriods to relieve inflammation Will resolve in two weeks

Recurrent minor aphthous stomatitis

Recurrent apthous ulcer

Apthous stomatitis

Apthous ulcer

Typical aphthous ulcer, recurrent, has strong familial incidence , aggravated by stress, constipation, dyspepsia, viral fevers It responds satisfactorily to antacid syrup with steroid tablets (defcort 6 mg ) used as gargle three times a day for three days

Recurrent minor apthous stomatitis.. Nutritional deficiency, stress, local trauma, hormonal influences can be the cause.. Treatment dentogel topical application, multivitamin, proper oral hygiene maintenance, & chlorhexidine mouth wash.

Apthous Ulcer.....check instance.... duration ...any allergy.....any relation to PMS.....get lab tests Hb and CBC done ..... prescribe bit.b complex and rexidine m forte gel TDs for 1week

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