30 yr male.no h/0 DM . patch since 3 month. diagnosis and treatment pleas



This problem solving in homeopathy so advise best homeopathy doctor

Minoxidil plus fresh hibiscus flowers application. Finast .Inj. kenacort locally after controling diabetes

alopecia areata

Alpecia areata

Alopecia areata

Dr. Anilkumar It's PATCHY ALOPECIA AREATA., If not give good treatment for this may be go for .. 1) persistent PATCHY Alopecia 2) Alopecia Totalis ...only scalp area 3) Alopecia universalis..extend to entire body. Cause is auto immune disturbance Treatment: Best treatment choice is INTRALESIONAL STEROIDS... good response but problem is dwells.. Means habitual, atrophy on injection area, Telanjectasia and depigmentation. Can avoid this by using DERMOJET steroid spray. Topical steroids and Anthralin some more beneficial. Long term use of Minoxidil 2% also effective and safe.

Thank u sir


Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata R/o.autoimmune disease,RA Treat with minoxidil local application. Vitamins , biotin capsules.

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