30 yr male with bleeding PR on & off since 6 months specimen labelled as hemorrhoids received multiple bits of tissue



Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. Dd. Malgnant melanoma of anal region. Sug.clinical correlation Imaging and ihc

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Discohesion +. DD : * Poorly Differentiated AdenoCarcinoma. * Amelanotic Melanoma * NHL Advised IHC.

Poorly differentiated malignant neoplasm possibly malignant melanoma

Reported as - suspicious of malignancy Possibilities : *malignant melanoma *Poorlyrentiated adenocarcinoma Advice- excision

Reported as suspicious of malignancy Possibilities - malignant melanoma Poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma

Adenocarcinoma ( poorly differentiated)

Malignant ? Adenocarcinoma

poorly diff.adenoca.


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