30 yr male with no h/o diabetes developed reddish spot over glans penis and penile shaft.no itching,no pain ,no discharge from spots or urethra.h/o 4-5 local application of lignocaine spray..what could be the diagnosis and management ?



This pt must had exposure as look at glans on base a row of pappules are seen which are viral in nature and comes after exmarital contact the redish spot also seems to precursor of chancroid.so give antibiotics like doxycycline or Azithromycin And local fucidin oint test for v d yes for PPP ablation

Treatment is right but not seem to viral..may b bacterial infection

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Pearly Penile Papules

PEARLY PENILE PAUPLES Reassure them Treatment is not needed If pt may request for treatment than do laser ablation

The prognosis is good and this condition lasts for just few weeks Proper treatment and local cleanliness is must further uncircumcised persons are at high risk After proper treatment the condition does not progress more

Penile pauples Azithromycin 500 mg od PCM+ibu bd multivitamins orally. Wash with betadine lotion and apply mupirocin oint topically. Needs further investigations and evaluation to conclude diagnosis and treatment.

Thanks Dr Sanjoy Sarkar.

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Balanitis either due to friction or contaminated through sexual intercourse Broad spectrum antibiotics Local use of fucidic acid and mild steroids

Thank you doc.kindly comment on disease progression also

Pearly penile Pauples.Doxycycline 100 mg bd�2 weeks, Fucidine ointment to apply locally

Thanks Dr K K Mangal

Antibiotics & antifungal oint

No need of antifungal... only antibiotic will be sufficient

Abraded tooth mark. .fellatio.

? Pearly Penile Pauples

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