30 yrs female complaining of itching with these lesions plz suggest the treatmsnt

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Dr.kumar, Visual shows multiple tiny lesions with lichenification both sides of the neck more favour to LICHEN SIMPLEX CHRONICUS or ACNE NUCHAE KELOIDALIS... Treatment Scraping the thick skin by scraper. Intralesional steroids Clobetasol with salicylic acid ointment...morning.. Night Tacrolimus Tab Antihistamines...

Psoriasis vulgaris Locally lobate-s oint twice daily Tab Levocetrizine5mg 1bd for 5to7days than 1od Tab dispred4mg 1tds for 7days and tapper off gradually If needed add methotrexate

Thanx dr Ashok Sinha

Psoriasis vulgaris

Psoriasis vulgaris Methyleprednisolone 4mg TDS Levocetirizine 5mg bid daily Multivitamins Antioxidant OD daily

Contact dermatitis

LSC Steroids orally topically antihistomonics

?? Lichen Nuchae

Lichen simplex chronicus

@kumar T - tinea corporis

Psoriasis treatment Tab Apxenta 10 one daily ointment Pacroma apply locally twice daily

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