Have you seen thin patient with cushings?

Respected teachers, Have you seen any case of thin patient with cushing's?

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Dear Dr Mazad Ahmad, I see Cushing's Syndrome in my OPD on regular basis. But most often they are Iatrogenic Cushing's Syndrome. Usually I see obese type of Cushing's Syndrome patients associated with Diabetes HTN Dermatological manifestations. But I have not seen typically thin patients with Cushing's Syndrome in the recent past. Rather I see patients suffering from Cushing's Syndrome whose upper body like Round Moon shaped Face Buffalo Hump, Relatively thin lower half of the body. Rarely I had seen Thin patients with Cushing's disease because of wasting of muscles in the long run. Regards and thanks, Dr Sepuri Krishna Mohan.
Thank you very very much sir...

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I have never sern nor academic book this theory of thinness to a Cushing syndrome patient. The symptoms of Cushing's syndrome result from an excess of cortisol. Progressive weight gain is the most common symptom of Cushing's syndrome. This weight gain usually affects the face, neck, trunk, and abdomen more than the limbs, which may be thin. People with Cushing's syndrome often develop a rounded face and increased amounts of fat on the upper back and at the base of the neck. In view of this how can we expect a patient of Cushing Syndrome with reduced weight dear Dr.Mazazji..!??
Respected sir, Yes sir, I am a very inexperienced doctor and I had this query with me. Sir, I asked this question because of a paper I read on it. A young man with weight loss and depression diagnoses as cushings https://pmj.bmj.com/content/80/942/245 I had no idea it could present like this too....so I posted this here sir to know if seniors have seen this and I fi shoukd keep this in my mind too. Thanking you Sincerely Dr majaz

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I agree with Dr Mohan
Thank you mam.
No.The chractersitc feature of cushing disease is moon shaped face buffalo hump and swelling of body.it may be iatrogenic or due to adrenal gland tumour.
Respected sir, Sir I read a paper on it so I thought of asking my seniors here. https://pmj.bmj.com/content/80/942/245 Thanking you
How would you suspect Cushing in thin person on the contrary a thin & lean person with pigmentation & low BP , asthenia u think of Addison'

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