30yr F h/o hematemesis ,hematochezia, now came with c/o gen.weakness ,abo.distention her Hb-3.0,RBC-1.94,WBC-2500,plt-76000. Usg of abd-fatty liver ,splenomegaly,mod.ascites 16mm gall stone.. XRC-normall wht is d/d ? wht :tretment can?plz reply



Portal hypertension

Portal hypertension with oesophageal varices.

With GB stone.

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portal hypertension- splenomegaly, ascites and oesophageal varices

If pt is bleeding profusely BT s after cross match. All investigations Cbc Lft Coag profile Kft(Rft) Bsr S proteins Correction of the shock Maintain o2 sat Iv fluid till BT Insertion of sangestaken tube Foley's cath ins once pt settes tapping of the fluid. post for scopy and inj of sclerosing agent in the oes varices partial splenectomy

this clinical picture is suggestive for IBD

Post for removal of GB stone.

Oesophagial varices

ph w esophageal varices and later on removal of gb

Hematemesis is likely due to variceal bleed

first stabilize the patient blood transfusion if stabilized do endoscopy. mgt hv bleeding varices.

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