30yr M working as apprentice comes in contact of oil and oil fumes for more than 10 to 12 yrs developed these lesions on rt hand and lt side of waist for more than 2months used otc and prescribed by some one c/o itching and eruptions. his bslR is 112 mg he is nondiabetic and nonalcoholic.

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Tinea infection c contact darmatitis

Thanks Dr Sajjadale

It's Contact Dermatitis with super added Tenea Corporis. May be skin morphology has changed partially due to use of OTC medication.

Tinea manuum with Corporis seeing hyperpigmented

Tinea manun w sec infection Tab certain 10 mg ha Tab zocon150mg weekly 2 tab Tab clavum 625mg bd for 7 day Oint fusidic acid apply and Lotion candid apply od Soap ketostar apply bd

Tinea infection

Tinea manuum with corporis

Yes this is T manum thanx to all of for esteemed opinion and participation in thediscussion the case stands concluded


Contact dermatitis along with tinea corporis.


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