30yrs.old patient having hard,cracked prepuce and unable to retract to expose glans penis for 2 months. Dx & Mgmt.



@ A.K. Mishra Sir, As you have described the case , it is a case of Niruddha Prakasha ( Most probably Balano posthitis or Lichen sclerosis ) But detailed history regarding sexual activities , occupation need. It's okay VDRL report and other reports are awaited. Once diagnosis is confirmed, treatment is easily prescribed as per Ayurveda Basic principles. If sexual diseases are absent then lastly circumcision is the best option.

आप का कथन सत्य है

Dr. Misra, Multiple dry scales with cracked lesions since 2 months. No discharge seen And inability to retract the prepuce more favour to CANDIDAL BALANOPOSTHITIS. His wife might be pregnant or on lactation, so it might be precipitate this problem. TREATMENT: 1) Remove the scales and debris from skin of prepuce area. 2) Tab Azithromycin 250 mg bd for 5 days. 3) Tab Fluconazole 400 mg stat followed by 150 mg Weekly for 3 weeks. 4) Metronidazole 400 mg to combat the anaerobic infection. 5) Salt water washing regularly. Apply terbinafine and Betamethasone drops. If not responding this , go for CIRCUMCISION .

Thank you sir!

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@Dr. A.k. Misra Sir! Marital status of the patient? H/O Masturbation? H/O Unprotected Sex? H/O any Skin Disease in any part of body? Provisional Diagnosis: BALANOPOSTHITIS Differential Diagnosis: Penile Lichen Sclerosus Advise for: *Routine Urine Analysis *VDRL Circumcison is must.

Sir! Routine inv. of blood & urine along with VDRL report is awaited. No other body parts are involved. Past h/o unprotected sex is present.

Phimosis with fungul infiction Calandulla wash and Syphlinium-1M single dogs. But batter suggested phimosis operation.

It might be gonococal infection or else diabetes in my experience I seen Sevaral cases who suffersed with same complaint for that I given medhorinum 1m n syhilinum 200 weekly 1dose

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@Dr. A.k. Misra sir, According to Ayurveda we will diagnose this case as Niruddha Prakash.... Better to advise for Shalya Karma....

पुत्र यह निरूद्ध प्रकृष नहीं है। निदान ठीक से करो

Phemosis developed due to niglected fungal Infection on prepuce, phemosis operation is required

@A.K.Srivastava. Phimosis with fungal infection. Apis Mel 6 thrice daily.

Dr. Avitus John Raakesh Prasad ....Pls guide My Dx Phimosis...balanoposthitis-.Send scraping for c/s rule out STD DIABETES.....

Sir I feel it's contact dermatitis, possibly condom allergy, Balanoposthitis possible but it will oozing with discharge in this case it's dry like eczema... So I am thinking of condom allergy. The scrotal skin also shows eczematisation.. Have to rule out secondary fungal infection... As you said blood glucose level also.

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Phimosis with eczema dry, present this case Best medicine Circumcision I have done 8458 pt. operative 7days baby to 80 years old pt with medicine sulpher I think no any STD dieases at present

Religious khatana is colled also
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