31 years old pt , complain about pain in LR area Tooth #46 has pain with percussion What do you suggest for treatment ?




We can't judge on the prognosis here but it seems to be hopeless .. and it’s splented so for me i’ll cut the cantilever from the connector of #45 and extract #46

Remove the bridges, evaluate the restorability in all teeth, extraction for #46, and implant for #16,36,46, #26 you may do sinus lefting and bone grafting before implant then do crowns separately for each tooth

Cut the crown 2mm distal to 45. Reshape & contour 45crown. Extract 46 & implant.

I sugest necktectomy


Remove the crown and the post , retreatment and restore it again or extraction and implant

Is it restorable? What about the bone loose

Suction the crown, then extraction Thank u Dr. Osaimi

For that specific tooth you need to section the bridge, evaluate the tooth in different aspects to assess the restorability after that you can decide if it extraction or retreatment and then crown

Oh my what a case !

I feel sorry for him .. he did it out side the country !


How to perform it?

Extraction !

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