Generalization का Post mortem...!!!

Generalization, simply a generalization is taking one or a few facts and making a broader, more universal statement. as it is mentioned on In fact, this is the era where we are doing this so frequently in our day to day lives! Information goes viral too soon these days and even sometimes becomes belief without understanding the deeper facts! There are many examples for generalization mentioned on the website of which are mentioned below. # All parents try to make life difficult for their children. # Every salesman lies to make more money on a sale. # Homework is very easy. # Homework is very hard. # The United States is colder than Europe. # Women all want to have large families. # Men are all afraid of commitment. # The best way to make new friends is to just start talking to people. # Nobody really believes that the Earth is flat. # Most politicians are greedy and manipulative. # No American thinks staying in Iraq is the best solution. # Cats are meaner than dogs. # Dogs are smarter than cats. # Most people find church boring. # Everyone likes a little bit of excitement and variety in their life. # Only a fool would believe what that commercial says. # Learning to drive isn't difficult. # College is the only way a person can be properly educated. # Everyone who goes to college is an elitist. # Rich people are greedy. # Poor people are lazy. # Men don't enjoy window shopping. # Everyone is a cynic these days. # No one could complete a marathon without the appropriate training. # It's impossible for children to appreciate art. # Children should be seen and not heard. # If you believe you can do it, you will always succeed. # All success is brought about by good luck. # Gentlemen with his kind of upbringing are very trustworthy. # No one is born evil. # Everybody loves a trip to the theme park over the summer. # Police officers are corrupt. # Police officers are heroes. # Girls don't enjoy playing with cars the way boys do. # Boys don't enjoy playing with dolls the way girls do. # The only way to learn another language is to visit the country where it is spoken. # It's never a good idea to drink coffee after noon. # To be an author, you need to have a large vocabulary. # Only dead fish go with the flow. # All criminals have troubled backgrounds. # All criminals can be rehabilitated. # Nobody truly thinks the world is going to end. # Everyone thrives on drama. # Photographers can't earn very much money in this economy. # A long commute to work makes a person much less productive. # Cooking isn't difficult; all you need are the right ingredients. # Anyone can learn to cook if they only try. # Everyone loves a delivery of flowers and a box of chocolates. # All women want men to be romantic. # Your family will always be there for you. # Friends are people who will never let you down, no matter what. # Men all want the same thing - money, power, and fame. # Football players are arrogant, cocky people. # Nerdy kids are all going to grow up to be rich. # Pretty people are always stuck up. # Overweight people always overeat. # The customer is always right. After going through these, one can easily understand that NOT all are reliable all the time! Definitely they can be true in certain time at certain extent! at what time and up to which extent that is obviously a matter of concern! In fact matter of great concern when we are dealing with health related issues! Homoeopathy basically deals with the concept of individualization! "Great homoeopaths used to say that they don't have any medicines for any specific names of the disease though they might have medicines for that particular diseased individuals!" Some homoeopaths try to explain efficasy of homoeopathy in different diseases with concept of individuality in between to hold their space among! Still, some of us forgets the concept of individualization and tries to practice homoeopathy on the basis of generalization! later, blames each other or the whole system of homoeopathy! Look, If you try to use twitter the way of Facebook it won't help much! and let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with twitter itself! "There is always a user manual for each and everything! And we all should use that, if we want some efficient results!"