65 yrs Male Known diabetic & hypertensive. Hb 6.0 WBC 3000 PLT 56000.No organomegaly or palpable lymphadenopathy. PBS and Bone marrow asp images for your comments.

Smears show atypical cells with features of blasts Suggestive of Acute leukaemia Possibly Biphasic myeloid and lymphoblasts Biphenotypic to be ruled out by Immunophenotyping for confirmation
PS shows cleaved cell or buttock cell probably subleukemic leukemia or lymphoma spill over Bone marrow shows AML
Reported as AML Flow cytometry results awaited. Thanks for your inputs.
Please let us know the flow report sir

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AML MO...... Megakaryocyte?
Acute Myeloid leukaemia-M0
AML monocytoid cells
AML promyelocytic
Acute leukemia
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