Viral Encephallitis

A 66yrs old male is known case of DM2 since 15 yrs and Hypertension since 5yrs on reg rx p/w a/h/o fever since 4-5 days, generalised weakness f/b confused mindsince 2 hours. T- 102°F P-90/m BP-160/90mmhg SpO2-98%on air, RBS-197.Ix-Hb-12.10 TC-7900, PC-227000, MP-neg, Widal-neg SGPT -70. MRI Brain s/o acute encephallitis what are the causes??



Patient need csf examination
May b becterual Or viral... When there is no rilepsing stage... Then... Further investigation need... Csf report for further cause detect regarding viral becterail .. If u want homeopathy treatment in such a case then just take pqrs symtoms.. The diagnosis waterever we have no worry about that... Here i think.. Ars alb.. Usable but when weekness associate with restlessness...
Acute encephallitis Inflammation of the brain, often due to infection. The infection may be bacterial or viral. In some cases, encephalitis may be the result of an immune system disorder. 1.brahmi vati 2.cap.konch 3.sashti shali pind swedan
Ginger onion, walnuts blue berries,needs counselling,jeera,warm water,stress aggravates the ailments, sunshine prayers, sprouts kalijeeri alkaline diet water sipping
Required hospitalization under neurologist
रोगी को तुरंत होस्पिटल में दिखाया जाएं
Refer to higher CENTER for further
Need more history
Bell 30

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