31yrs old male presented with these scaly lesions in his inguinal region for 6mnths. He was treated with terbinafine n itraconazole plus local betazole and deftacort cream.His condition improved partially the recurred.What should be the further treatment plan??



As steroid cream has been used .IT is the Cause of recurrence. IT is a case of Tinea Cruris and now Tinea incognito. Use a combination of oral antifungals Tab Terbinafine 500mg O.D for at least one moth along with Itraconazole 200.mg O.D for 1 month. Topically use only antifungal cream- luliconazole cream. Also Get a L.FT done in between treatment. Keep the area dry and antifungal dusting powder will help

Basically lesion is T corporis incognito Since steroid cream has been used there is no escape you will have to restart with steroid in tappering doses orally as well as locally once cell stabilisation achieved it should bewithdrawn in phases.add lulicanazole ointat bed time and tyza m oint twice daily for 15daysthan withdraw add antiallergic and tab itracanazole 200mg 1od for7days yes agree with dr Rajwant singh. Review every fortnightly

Fine Dr Shivraj Aggarwal

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Pulse therapy Itracanazole 200 mg bd for 7 days a month Repeat every month till cured Personal hygiene Sertacanazole cream locally Antihistamines Ketocanazole soap

Agreed@Dr. Parveen Yograj sir

Tinea Incognito


Tinea incognito.

Tinea Incognito

Tinea incognito Follow treatment suggested by Dr Rajwant singh+ Sulphur 2% oint biweekly will get desired results.

@Dr. Prashant Vedwan -tinea cruris

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