sgot 32 sgpt 62

32 year nonalcoholic pt with generalized fatigue. sgpt and sgot high sgot 32 sgpt 62 urine routine normal. kindly suggest furthet diagnosis and treatment.




Isolated asymptomatic elevation of transaminases are not uncommon.. Patient is non alcoholic.. Do usg abd.. to exclude NASH/NAFLD.. Lipid profile Glycemic status And Explore drug history... many drugs.. including paracetamol.. can raise transaminases Screen for other lft parameters Also hepatitis screens.

Same case is discussed elsewhere Deranged LFTS suggest pt may be alcoholic Adv usg abdomen Urine should be traced for bs bp D/d jaund8ce

Thanx dr Kute Ankush


Get USG done. Also B12, Vitamin D levels. Treat with supportive medicine

Liver derangement Further evaluation is required for diagnosis and treatment

Liver pathology? Further investigations required

Adv. USG May be hepatomegaly ? Any history of fever? Rx Hepakind 150 od

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