32 years Female have these lesions on both legs for few years. During treatment, lesions disappears. But when treatment stops, it again comes back. No pain only itching present. Help me in diagnosing n further management?




acase of psoriasis rx local application of steroids & salicylic acid preparation & systemic methotrexate 7.5mg wkly and folvite 5 mg OD.

This is PSORIASIS. It has periods of remission and exacerbation. Should be treated with moisturising cream along with TENOVATE CREAM regularly. A better control can be achieved by giving oral methotrexate. Start with 10 mg stat and 10 mg 12 hours later and then 5mg OD on alternate days along with FOLIC ACID 5MG Daily. Must check WBC Count every week to rule out side effects of methotrexate. Once the lesion has been controlled then keep tapering the dose of methotrexate till U achieve full control with 5mg once a week. Review at monthly intervals


Psoriasis vulgaris

Psoriasis (?)

psoriasis vulgaris. emollients and topical steroids vit D supplement

psoriasis vulgaris. I agree with Dr Maduri

this pt has psoriasis. treat it with tar preparations if no response use methotrexate with photo therapy. or use calcipotriol or steroids.


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