32 yr,, married,,, having vaginal itching., rashes wt pus,, since one week,, no history of WDPV,,,, no fever,,, c gave history Dat after changing d napkins,, c got dis one



Its folliculitis along with tinea cruris in phase of healing The cause can be shaving of pubic hair and not maintaining perineal hygeine. Do per speculum examination to see the cervix and vagina and take PAP smear. Do pv and ascertain size of uterus and adnexa and tenderness if any. Start tab cefadroxyl 1 gm per day for 5 days. Quadriderm cream for local application Advice FBSL, PPBSL. advice perineal hygeine. Review with above.

This infection is tinea cruris with folliculitis. Look for any associated with any WD, Do P/S examination to rule out the local infection. Do cue,RBS, HB. Give her cap augmentin 625 mg bd or cap. Monocef 200 mg bd.for 7 days. Anti fungal cream for local application. If pain near folliculitis, go for tab zymoflam D.bd for 4 days. Personal hygiene to be maintained. Vagisil wash for local hygiene maintenance.

Tinea cruris with folliculitis. Tab Itraconazole 200 bd 5 days. Tab Cefpodoxime 200 bd 5 days. Oint Pbf gel locally or quadriderm locally.3-4 times . Dusting powder Canesten ,apply Everytime after applying oint. Intiwash for perineal hygiene. Investigate for lowered immunity.. Hb,tlc,dlc,blood sugar,HIV,VDRL.HbsAg.both partners. Also treat the husband....Fluconazole,150 od( 1 tab)Tinidazole(1gm),and azithromycin(.500 mg bd 3 days)

Looks like infected herpes.Acyclivir cream for local application.Treat her partner also.Oral Acyclovir can be used after r/o pregnancy.

Tinea cruris with Folliculitis Itraconazole 200mg OD Hydroxyzine 25mg OD Multivitamins Antioxidant OD Luliconazole ointment at night

Tinea cruris wd pustules either due to shaving or unhygienic condition so antifungal orally and locally and antibiotic oflox oz should be given,if painful analgesics must b added n maintain hygiene wd vaginal wash,u should r/o diabetes too

Tinea cruris

Tinea cruris with secondary infection.. Topical miconazole cream along with tab.terbinafine250 od for1-2weeks..antihistamines and oral antibiotics for secondary infection.

My Dx- TINEA CRURIS with Folliculitis do a cbc esr stool urine HbA1c...Should also treat husband

Mixed infection with bacterial n fungal infection Allergic reaction to napkin Treatment with systemic antibiotics and antifungal Topical surfaz-SN cream×1 wk Followed by Antifungal cream+ antibiotic cream×1month

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