COVID 19 with severe neutopenia

32 yr old female, k/c/o hypersplenism and parenchymal liver disease. Now has c/o fever for 7 days and complaints of severe cough for 3 days Patient has been tested positive for covid-19.Spo2 99%. 6 min walk test normal. CT report- CORAD 6. Severity score- 10/25. Reports of CBC , CRP, D DIMER, APTT and PT , INR as follows



Pt is kco hypersplenism presenting with covid positive report Hemogram suggest leucopenia with lyphocytosis and thrombocytopenia Positive esr and crp D-dimer is marginally raised Xray chest and usg abdomen is not available Findings are consistent with covid infection and need to be treated with ICMR protocols But we need to go for bone marrow biopsy to r/o ALL Treatment is certainly difficult being thrombocytopenia to consider anticoagulants will be tricky and to include predenisolone is must Hence keen observation and screening periodically

Thank you doctor

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