32 yrs 0ld healthy female. 6/12 , N8 OD6/6, N6 OS. D/D and management



I do not consider this case as dry ARMD or macular dystrophy.It may be acute retinal pigment epithelitis or Krill disease, a rare affection.FFA will be helpful.How are you!

Do we have OCT images? I can possibly think of a. PFT b. ARMD c. ERM

@Couldn't upload Oct. But there is no ERM, CNV. There is just RPE irregularity. Patient is yet to report for DFA . But I don't expect any findings in it. Can you narrowed down diagnosos

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Thanks for posting this case To me it is neither a macular hole nor macular dyst rophy CSR is unlikely It may be Krill' s disease

Acute posterior multifocal placoid pigment epitheliopathy ( Krill"s disease ) (Apmppe ).

It is a case of one type of macular dystrophy.

@Dr. Ratnesh Kumar @Dr. Arun Rajan sir your take on the case

Yes @Dr. Neha Mehrotra . OCT/FFA would help us to narrow down to the probable diagnosis. D/D: Macular degeneration/Dystrophy, PFT.

Multiple drusens

I do not consider this case to be

I do not consider this to be a case of macular dystrophy or macular hole with such a visual acuity. Digital FFA is perhaps is best recommended in this case It appears to be a case of Krill's disease.Thanks for posting such an interesting case!



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