32 yrs old male , working as Mason for last 14 yrs with history of this skin lesions from almost same time. No itching, burning . Dx and Rx ?



Lichen Planus Multiple polygonal purplish flat topped papules are suggestive features. Rx Topical steroid salicylic acid cream. Antihistamines. Emolients.

Lichen planus (?)

Lichen planus

Lichen planus

Lichen planus

@Dr. Arshpreet Singh -lichen planus; neck lesion seborrheic dermatitis dd -pmle

Lichen chronic simplex Tab Wysolone 10 bd Tab Levocit bd Oint Coot locally apply Emollients n moisturizer

LSC Tab dapsone 100mg od Tab levocitrazine5mg ha Tab CELIN 500 hs Oint CLOP g + ssa 6% Soap ALOE VERA+vit e

Eruptive lichen planus

Lichen Planus. -

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