Congenital posterior displacement of lower aspect of sternum. This gives the chest a somewhat "hollowed-out" appearance. The x-ray shows a subtle concave appearance of the lower sternum. Name the condition.

Pectus excavatum, also known as sunken or funnel chest, is a congenitalchest wall deformity in which several ribs and the sternum grow abnormally, producing a concave, or caved-in, appearance in the anterior chest wall
Sir The theory of ex cavatum goes limke this That congenitally muscle fibres of ant part of dia r replaced by fibrous tissue so the action of posterior part fibres which arr mascular goes unopposed so thete is continous drag on ant part and so it goes inwardand result in excavatum
pectus exscavatum.
pectus excavatum
Pectus excavatum.
Perry's excavatum
Pectus Excavatum
Pectus carinatum
pectus excabatus
scaphoid chest??
Pectus excavatum
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