A six year old girl having these type of Marks since one year.pls diagnose and suggests treatment.


the depigmented patch is vitiligo . u can apply momete cream in morning and night tacroz forte 0.1 percent . then the abovr face lesion i think its molluscum contagiousum . u can keep 20 per cent koh every night . or do R F or excise it . .
thanks for your valuable answer man.

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The child appears to have viral lesions of molluscum contagiosum on the face,which can be treated by chemical cauterisation with TCA. And the neck shows a hypopigmented patch for which topical steroids or tacrolimus can be given.
molluscum contagiosum...viral infection......chemical cautrisation.....with t c a
Molluscum contagiosum a viral infection needs chemical cautrisation with t c a
molluscum contagiosum above and previtiligo on the neck
On face molluscum contagiosum @on neck vitiligo
Take family history. Who has kissed the baby
nice answer sir
in the neck, pt. has irregular depigmented mark...it appears post trauma ....large abrasion or ..post burns ( deep burn) or it could be secondary to some irritant cream / lotion application for some initial trivial skin lesion
the neck patch could be partly treated vitiligo because inside 4/5 dots of pigmentation seen. Chin lesions appear molluscum contagiousum or viral warts
post burn or post abtasion scar in neck...molluscum or salivary adenitis on chin..kindly correlate
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