need your opinion for the management!

32year old male ,security guard by occupation with no comorbid illnesses Chief Complaints Presented with obstructive LUTS from last 1 yeae Vitals Pat has tachycardia 110-115b/m B.P 140/90 non hypertensive before Rest normal Investigations Usg KUB showing large prostratomegaly 70gm with intravesical protrusion with severe b/l HUN Creat 2.1 S.PSA normal




What about pr-and post-voiding resual volume? Put foleys catheter do urine culture follow up creatinin if low start with conservative selective alpha 1 blocker +5 reductase

Catheterised already We did cystoscopy that showing bladder mucosal infolding extending to proatratic urethra with short capacity bladder...looks like ?neurogenic bladder Prostrate was normal

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