32yo female came to the ER after a fall. She was stable and there were no further injuries but an eye-catching extensive abdomen (no tension, no ascites). She denied a pregnancy and thought that everything was normal and "as usual". No pain, amenorrhoe since "a few years" but no gynaecological check-ups for at least ten years. We first did an ultrasound and then a ct scan. your views?



Put as ovarian dermoid with bleeding as working diagnosis do markets and a good tv usg

Is it Ovarian cyst..?

Very good case.The amniotic sac is nicely veived along with foetus

Its a case of ovarian cyst.

Its a case of huge ovarian cyst.

Huge ovarian cyst

Large Ovarian dermoid cyst

Ovarian mass

huge ovarin cyst. ? dermoid.

Ovarian cyst

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