32yrs make suffering since 4-5months severe itching at night at groin area and scrotum treated by itraconazole and gresiofulvin tablet eberconazole cream bifinazole cream hydroxyzine tablet but no relief



This is T corporis and overtly used antifugals Rx orally put him again on itracanazole200mg 1od for15days and and than phase it out with 7 days course every month till recurrence stops. Now control with oral steroid like dispred 4mg 1x3times for 7 days than 1bd for 7 days than 1od and phase out. Locally first apply tyza m oint twice daily for15days and and withdraw steroid Lulicanazole 1%at bed time for 1month There after shift pt on moisturiser and flucos dusting powder keep followup

There is no harm in giving treatment of scabies also.. of course empericslly

Today i had given iveria cream and tablet ivert sir

Tinea cruris,rx oral Itrocanazole 200 bid 1 week,od 2 week.Luliconazole + Fusidic acid 1:1 L/A at bed time.Cetrizine 10 mg 1 hour before dinner.Deflazacort 6 mg tds 5 days,bid 5 days,od 5 days

Tinea Cruris

Dx Tinea Cruris Rx. Tab. Bandy plus Hs with milk Tab. Terbinafine 250mg Bd Tab. Cope 10mg Tds Cap. Becasol od Terbinafine ointment daily apply Follow this treatment

Tinea cruris with scabies. Treat accordingly. Sulphur 2%oint on alternate night for 5 days will be of great use.


Tinea cruris

Tinea Cruris

Tinea cruris

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Tinea Cruris