33 y male Brought unconscious to hospital Tongue bite + Spo2- 100 % ra Bp - 220/140 Rest all vitals stable . Pupils -2mm BRTL Should be intubated or not ?



DM with Hypertensive encephalopathy(cva,Putamen hmg.)

Co2 narcosis, hypertensive encephalopathy, hypertensive bleed with Respiratory Acidosis., CKD.

Respiratory Acidosis.. CO2 narcosis with Hypokalemia @ High BP.. .Take pt on Intubation PCM mode. Do check cardiac enzyme and RFT. Hows output.

Need Urgent Intubation and Mechanical Ventilation.. Hypertension Management.. Need Ct Head when pt stabilize.. Start Antiepilectic.. Give Bicarb 100 cc stat & 25cc 6 hourly..

Intubation immediately and CT scan to R/o cause of unconscious +CO2 Correction with ventilator support

Immidiate intubation required. PaCO2 > 60 and ph < 7

And yes if GCS is less thn 8 .. ideal is intubation

Plz intubate and put on simv mode with tidal volume 6/kg .wash out co2.start soda bicarbonate.repeat abg after 2 hrs. Start NTG infusion.sos manitol after neurological evaluation.Strict bsl and bp monitoring.

Most likely CVA (hemorrhage). with severe metabolic acidosis. CO2 retention. Definite intubation needed

Immediate taken in niv support. co2 narcosis .

Sir unconscious patient is a contraindication for NIV

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