33 year Female c/o:- Indigestion, Gas Problem, Acidity and Abdominal Pain since 7 years all complain start after delivery, Normal Delivery, Male Child Acidity on Empty Stomach, Acidity Better by Drink cold water Heaviness of Abdomen after eating Abdominal Pain mostly at 4.00 am with Stool Pass Dryness of Throat, constant urging to drink water Appetite - Loss of Appetite, Anorexia Stomach - Desire for Spicy and Sour Food Aversion to Sweet Thirst - Unquenchable Thirst for Large amount of water, but still not satisfied Thermal - Hot++ Stool - Sticky mucous after stool, Stool with indigestible food particle Menses - Too Profuse, Too Early, Black colour with Clotted Menses, Leucorrhoea after Menses Sleep - Sleeplessness, Insomnia, Sleep On Back Mind :- Anxiety About Health+++ Weeping Disposition+++ Always Tell Symptoms with crying (weeping) Phone Call to every relative when in trouble either physical or mental USG Abdomen - Cervix appear mild bulky and measures 33*29 mm with multiple nabothian cysts in cervix, largest measures 10 mm. Impression - Early changes of adenomyosis. Bulky cervix with nabothian cysts-possibility of cervicitis suggest treatment???? urgent......



Sulphur CV

Chamomilla will be helpful.

Thank You @Dr. Arun Kumar Srivastava

Pulsatila 30

Thank You @Dr. D K Gupta


Medorrhinum may be effective

Phosphorus 30

Pulsatilla. Shows ur rerefence. But after thoroughly case taking u can find more relevant information. If suppose chamomilla also helpful.

Sulph 1m/1dose, puls 30/TDs&merc sol 30/od

Phosph 200 will be better with proper diet and exercise and yoga. FU after 7days.

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