33 yrs female with chief complaint of irregular menses and galactorhea since 6 yrs History of migraine since 3yrs Drug history - tab epitop- 50mg Tab Amicon 10 Cap vancobal plus Tab xenodom 500mg (sos) Menstrual history- 3-5days cycle 60 days Obst history - P1L1A2 Family history- nothing significant Investigation - as mentioned below Help me to get the diagnosis in terms of ayurveda



Cabergoline tab 0.5mg for hyperprolactinemia. Pushyanug churna+amycordial syp For migraine- cephagrain cap2cap bd Sirsooladi vajraras 2tab bd Godanti+pravalbhasam cow ghee me milakar..sevan.. Shadbindu taila ka nasya.. Breakfast me doodh jalebi khaye

7 days, punarnavshtak qwath BD Giloyghan vati 1 BD after 7 days, lodhra powder half teaspoon + nagkesar powder half teaspoon with milk and giloy ghanvati 1BD for 1 to 2 week

Patient suffering from perital empty sella syndrome?? A critical disease Patient treated under take neurologist with neurosurgeon

and migrain ke liye, abhyadi qwath BD giloy ghan 1BD and panchsakar powder 1/4 or 1/3 teaspoon HS for 2 to 3 week

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