33 yrs male, rashes over both upperlimbs, lower limbs, (even in dressed parts) itching increases with sweating, occurs during summer for past 3 yrs. diagnosis ??



Polymorphous Light Eruption  Multiple erythematous vesicular plaque,red raised with itching more prominent over extensor surface of upper extremities are suggestive. Rx Topical Corticosteroids cream. Emollients. Broad spectrum sunscreen. Sun protection. Antihistaminic.

Allergic contact dermatitis

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Agree sir

Photodermatoses (?)


Allergic contact dermatitis

Solar dermatitis use 50 plus sunblock try and avoid too much sun / betnovate cream day / calamine lotion nocte

Eczema,it will get cured on shifting to colder climates.itching subsides on application of steroid cream but never goes will keep reoccuring in summer and disappear in winter.

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