13 yr old pt , suffered from 1yr, no pain ,no ichig, no family history.... Wat is diagnosis and treatment

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mulluscum contagiosum It is usually self-limiting (resolving without treatment) and treatment options can cause discomfort to children, initial recommendations are often to simply wait for the lesions to resolve spontaneously.
Molluscum contagiosum... As per history its been 1 yr So u can give cap isotretinoin 10mg OD for 1 month Tab Liv52 thrice a day for 1 month (There are certain side effects of isotretinoin so tell pts about it b4 u start treatment )
Molluscum contagious. Treat by scraping laser. Very difficult to cure.tell the pt . So that she id not fooled by quakes.
Molluscum contagiosum. Rule out HIV and any other immunodeficiency conditions also.
Molluscum contagiosum The one on the nose and forehead look like warts though
Wat is the clinical difference b/w wart and molluscum
Molluscum contagiosum , extirpation /TCA application
Molluscum contagiosum with warts
Mollascum contagiosum
Extensive spread of molluscum contagiosum. Though it is self limiting it causes discomfort to the child and family. Extirpation under local anesthesia can be done.
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